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Alex Bazis


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Alex Bazis is a writer, director, and musician, originally from Iowa but currently based out of Somerville, Massachusetts. He enjoys attending showings of weird horror movies, going to the Boston Athenaeum, and playing badminton and Super Smash Bros with his roommates. Check out his EP, Nashua Lite, on Spotify and other music platforms!

Alex originally got the idea for Wolfwhistle while in high school, when he spent an excessive amount of time playing Bioshock, reading Willa Cather and Samuel Beckett, and watching Paddy Chayefsky's Network. The initial spark came from Commander Cody and Gene Autry serials from the 1930s, which he discovered from his favorite show, Mystery Science Theater 3000. He wrote the first draft while at Grinnell College, where he graduated with a degree in Theatre in 2014. For years afterwards he tinkered with multiple drafts of Wolfwhistle. After workshopping and revising extensively with Dan Pelletier of Cue Zero Theatre in Manchester, New Hampshire, Alex decided it was finally time to bring his dream to life. 

Alex would like to thank Dan Pelletier, Drew Ohringer, and Milli Zonarich for their support and insightful comments and edits to the text. Most of all, he would like to thank the incredible cast and crew of Wolfwhistle. In addition to being strikingly talented voice actors and artists, they're lovely people, and were a joy to work with.

Alex has a number of audio drama and music ideas he plans to release through 104 WPR Metro. Keep an eye out for Derry's New Direction, a space opera audio drama he hopes to have released sometime in the second half of 2024!

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